Update on what I've been doing.

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Since the last podcast I had an accident. I shattered my left heel and fractured a bone in my ankle. This podcast is about what its like getting around on one foot. In addition, I trash Dotard. 

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I talk about what is tearing apart our country and what threatens our democracy. 

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Why its taken so long to record a new podcast. Trump is as crazy as ever. My take on good and evil. God and Lucifer.

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Languages fascinate me such that I'd like to learn to speak Spanish. My interest in Spanish coming from living in an area of the country where you are more apt to run across Spanish speaking people. Also, I have this thing for CNCO. Listen and you'll understand.

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Sex, religion and politics, doesn't it always come back to those topics? Of course it does. Give it a listen. 

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I talk about a new British site found on the internet called, dekkoo. You can stream tons of LGBTQ films from this site. I've watched one film thus far named, "Screwed". its a great coming of age film with two very hot actors. There are movies for all age groups here. They offer a 7 day free trial. I had no problems streaming the film at 720p. I recommend the site. It costs $9.99 dollar monthly with a discount for those signing up for a year. Great site. Great selection. I also talk, Trump and the odd way I look at life. Hope you enjoy. 

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I watched a film last night that really touched me. The film is about first love. This film made me reflect upon my life. And with that reflection came regret for all the mistakes I've made. This is my story. A story unlike the happy ending of the film, "The Way He Looks," my story doesn't have a happy ending.

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I should have named this one the, “You know” episode. Sorry for the repetition, it’ll take me awhile to get back in the groove. In this one, I talk about listening to Archer’s podcast; that we have a lot in common, including liking the film, “Call me by your name”. Archer is also into photography and I was really impressed with his skill as a photographer. I hope to do more shooting as we enter the warmer months. As for the numbering of this podcast? I skipped a number in my previous episode, so to correct things, I went back and picked up that unused number. Sorry for the confusion. This is the latest episode and was recorded today, January 27, 2018.

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Tomorrow night 'Call me by your name' will be up for 3 Golden Globe awards including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. I'm hoping for a win in all three categories, but just one for Timothee Chalamet would be nice. 

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