I talk about personal responsibility. Total running time: 58 minutes 56 seconds

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I talk about breath control. About being horny. About kinky sex. About kinky gay films like "Dead Guys".

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I tell the story of a guy who everyone called, "Cookie Monster". Why he brings to mind the goings on at Penn State and the man behind those alligations of child sex abuse, Jerry Sandusky. I'm inclined to believe that Sandusky is guilty of at least some of what is being said of him. But why did he become an abuser of boys? That's what I want to know and that's what I talk about in this podcast. 

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I talk about Coulter's unexpected visit last evening. I'd made  my Mom's recipe for goulash yesterday afternoon and was surpised by Coulter, but used his visit to get him to taste the goulash. He said he liked it, but he may have just been trying to be nice. I can't figure him out.

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I talk about Michael in Germany and my difference in regard to the issue of child sex abuse. Michael says I do not know what I'm talking about and should just "shut up". Tell me what you think. I also read two listeners emails. Very nice emails that make me feel like doing this podcast is worth it. I think I forgot to talk about my visit to the Doctor yesterday except for a picture on the examination room wall. As for the doctor's visit. We talked, the doctor took blood samples and I should hear something next week in regard to the test results. I'll keep you posted. Now for that picture! I'll post it on Wordress, nickthomas.org. Tell me if you get the same sense of pending doom when you look at it?

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I talk about my stressful weekend here at home. I also amplify my remarks regarding the Penn State Sex Scandal.

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I talk about allegations of sexual involvement with underage boys by a former Penn State Defensive Coach. Can we draw an arbitary line for sexual maturity? Legal consent? Why didn't any of these boys tell? Or did they seek favors for sex? Were they really abused? I guess we shall learn the truth as this story develops. 

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I reflect on my life up to this point. I read a listener's email to me about his own suicide attempt. 

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I begin this podcast talking about my encounter with the shopvac in Saturday's video podcast, but soon turn to a conversation I had with Colter on Sunday concerning monogamy. I know most here have heard my views on this before, but it be interesting to hear what the newbies think about my take on cheating. 49 minutes 25 seconds 

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