I talk about doing a clean install of Sierra operating system for the Mac. It now has Siri built in, but when I try to demo her for you to hear, Logic shuts down. 

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I met a very interesting guy at Clinton Campaign Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. His name is Andrew. He is so cute. He is so sweet. 

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I spend most of the time in this podcast giving reasons for not supporting Trump

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After briefly talking about the state of the Presidential race I turn to sex. I developed a pretty good relationship with my Facebook friends and so I can talk honestly about my sexuality. I read a post about sex with married men and a comment I received from a married woman. 

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I talk about the 49ers Quarterback's protest against racial injustice here in America. I talk about Donald Trump's hiring of long time Clinton haters to top positions in his campaign. I talk about how the church's stance on homosexuality has resulted in the deaths of thousands of gay men and women here in America. 

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