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It was a pleasure talking to Paul on Sunday's Skype Day. Paul and his lover, Mike have even stayed with me here in Pelham on two ocassions. I've recorded conversations with Paul before, but its been a very long time. I think you'll enjoy our conversation on Sunday. 

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I answer a letter I received from a long time listener who wrote about why some guys don't post pics on their online profiles. Also talk about gay sex. Crusing the nature trail. 

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I talk about things that have me leaning toward the kinky side of homosexuality. 

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I read an email I received this week from a long time listener in California. Mic: Shure SM7B; Mixer: Mackie DFX6; Recording device: Garageband. Total running time: 48 minutes 50 seconds. 

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First I talk about being reunited with someone special from my past. Guess who? I end the podcast talking about a hot young male wrestler named Kid Matthews and a video posted to YouTube of him being beat-up by a brut. Something about this video really aroused me sexually. Am I a freak? Weird? Twisted? A pervert?

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I talk about gay men in general and a few gay men I know in specific.

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