Today's visit to the clinic. The news wasn't all good. Another unwanted surprise, at the clinic and in an envelope on my front door when I returned home. 

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A more philosophical look at my disease. I am now a member a select group of gay men. Not the kind of group you intentionally join; or not so for me. I only today realized, my pool of dudes has drastically shrunk in size. I'm looking for a key to unlock a magical door to find others like me. A secret society where poz guys, do poz guys. 

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Talk about revisiting Adam4Adam since posting my result. 47 min 05 sec

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I talk about how I've been feeling since learning of my HIV status on Friday. Total running time: 23 minutes 01 second

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I talk about how I'm feeling after learning yesterday that I am HIV Positive. 

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I update my ongoing health issues. Not to much to report, yet. 

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