I talk about lucha underground wrestling and a hot wrestler named Prince Puma.

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I talk about homoerotic wrestling. I talk about my freaky side. I talk about the beauty of gay sex. 

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I've been having to much sex lately and its causing me pain. I give advice on gay sex technics. I suggest divided government is doing harm to the people of our country. I touch on why religion is bad for the world. 

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I talk about this problem I've been having maintaining my balance lately. The folks on Facebook seem to think it could be an inner ear problem or maybe low blood pressure? I also rant on Trump in this podcast. What an SOB. 

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A short podcast for my Facebook friends. This episode is entitled: "Introduction"

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I talk about all the hot guys I've been meeting from Craigslist. I've also been more open about my sexuality on my Facebook page. Cool FB friends seem to enjoy my posts, both political and a little more daring. 

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