Why I believe I'm being screwed by my boss.

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Beware! On into this podcast I get really filthy mouthed about gay and hetero sex. 

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A long one mainly centering on my feelings regarding death.

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The surgery to remove one of my swollen limp nodes to determine if it is cancerous. 

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My oldest sister is driving me crazy this morning saying she does not want to go to the hospital because of ebola. 

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I walk you through what happended today at the oncology office and the doctors ordering a biopsy for a week from this Friday, October 24th.

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My podcast is an honest and frank listen into all facets of my life. I talk about not only my day to day humdrum existence, but also about those things that separate gay and straight America. I talk about my sex life in detail. Nothing is off limits. I talk about how I differ with many of my gay friends in regard to sex, religion and political issues. This is more than just a snapshot into my life. It is a room with a view, a very open view of my life. You will meet my friends and my sex partners. I will talk to people I find interesting and share those conversations with you. This is a personal journal podcast unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Give me a listen. But be aware that I speak openly and honestly about my life. Its not always a pretty picture. Also check out my personal page including picture albums hosted by .Mac at http://nickthomas.org.

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I spotted the lady next door and the lady across the street pointing in my direction yesterday afternoon. I wonder what they were saying?

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My thoughts about dying. 

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Talking about my health, my sex life, the war in Syria and Iraq, Obama . . .

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My return to audio podcasting thanks to a listener named Frank. This long one is for you. I hope everyone else enjoys it to. Mic: Neumann TLM103; Recorded in Logic 9; 63.3 Mb.

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I think about Christianity a lot and this podcast reflects my belief concerning the subject of heaven and hell.

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My take on the biblical story of Noah

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I try to explain why things aren't going to get any better for me or for you.

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A longer podcast to explain my complicated life. 

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I talk about my options regarding healthcare. 

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I talk about the music of Carol King and Bread. I also bring you up-to-date about what's been going on in my life.

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Just watched a nice gay themed film on Netflix about this hot young guy who moves to Hollywood in hopes of becoming an actor, but instead becomes a porn star. Typical, I know, but it was entertaining and I liked the ending. In other news, I called into the Alan Colmes Show last night. 

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What I've discoved about Obamacare and my healthcare needs. How much I can afford under Obamacare. Is it enough?

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It's going to get really cold here in the next few days. Also, there is a difference between whining and telling the truth about your life. I've never blamed anyone else for the bad things that have been happening in my life. 

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