I talk about an email I received from my ex-boyfriend, Matt and why I felt I had to let him go so many years ago. I wonder if I did the right thing then. I guess it really does not matter now. 

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I record a podcast from inside my car in Opelika, Alabama. Mic: Zoom H2; Mixer: Mackie DFX6: Mixdown: Garageband. Total running time 44 minutes 25 seconds.

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I talk about the new roommate; and about my wearing pink panties and the pink pany poll results. 

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Exploring gay sex roles. Dominant versus submissive. Dominant guys do not ask permission. They take what they want.

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The way I think. My thoughts about the end of life.

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I talk about my trip home and something unexpected I learned from that trip.

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I try to explain how I'm feeling and still have a little hope that things will get better

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