Paul and myself continue our conversation after our Saturday night out at a local steak house. Picture three gay guys, (two Londoners and one Southern born oddball) surrounded by rednecks and dancing waitresses. Yeehaw!!! We fit right in. Mics: I'm on the Shure SM7B; Paul is on the Electrovoice RE20; Mixer: Mackie DFX6; Recording device: Garageband. Total running time: 41 minutes 18 seconds. Recorded on Saturday, April 24, 2010, for presentation at this time.

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Paul and Michael return to Pelham. The second coming and this time we've managed to outwit the gods. Or have we? I really think you'll enjoy this conversation between Paul and I (with a little bit of Michael sprinkled in). Enjoy. Mic's: I'm on the Shure SM7B and Paul is on the Electrovoice RE20; Mixer: Mackie DFX6; Recording device: Garageband. Total running time: 51 minutes 20 seconds. 

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I talk a little about the second coming of Paul and Michael. Stay tuned. This should be a fun weekend. Outro music: "A Hit By Varese" by Chicago. Recording device: Zoom H2. Total running time: 14 minutes

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Matt didn't like what I had to say in last Saturday's podcast. We sorta get into a fight during this podcast. Matt asked me to edit out the place where he yelled at me, but I left it all in. The podcast starts out with a discussion about celibacy and quickly goes down hill. iPhone conversation. Total running time: 64 minutes 53 seconds

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Warning! This is a very explicit podcast. I start out by talking about my Grindr profile picture. I read two Grindr profiles I find rather amusing. Lady Gaga? The podcast turns to pedophilia. I comment on recent remarks by Cardinal Bertone claiming a link between homosexuality and pedophilia. I talk about my own interests in young guys. Does that make me a pedophile? Outro music: "Hideaway" by Erasure. Total running time: 60 miniutes 29 seconds

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Spring arrives and I'm surrounded by hot male flesh. My heart is filled with lustful desire. I love being gay. Outro music: "Get up" by Technotronic. Mic: Shure SM7B; Mixer: Mackie DFX6; Recording device: Garageband. Total running time: 53 minutes 11 seconds. 

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Matt and I discuss Apples new iPad. I find a overlooked flaw in the design of the iPad. Matt isn't buying my suggested fix. Matt says he would be interested in owning one. Maybe not. Note to John Ong: "I noticed you bought the WiFi iPad. I thought I was a materistic person, but you always seem to out do me. Alas, I can't live like the Ong's. I wish I had your paycheck John! I'm j-e-a-l-o-u-s". More inside. iPhone conversation. Total running time: 50 minutes 41 seconds.

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Ben of idiologic podcast joins me from Texas just three days before making the trip back to Australia to rejoin his boyfriend, Gilbert. Ben talks about his on again/off again relationship with Gilbert and why he prefers the country of Australia to the USA. This is a good introduction to Ben if you've never heard his personal journal podcast. You can subscribe to Ben's podcast at Outro music: Apple loops. iPhone conversation. Total running time: 40 minutes 58 seconds.

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