The things that trouble me the most about our world and where we are headed. The threat to Democracy.

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Having my stent replaced on Monday. My sister is coming to take me to the hospital for the surgery. In and out. Roy Moore is in the news. He is a republican running for Jeff Sessions seat in the US Senate. Moore is a religious fanatic and hates gay people. He has been thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court twice. The last time for refusing to obey the US Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriage. Now a woman has come forward to say he made inappropriate advances when she was 14 years old. At the time, Moore was 32 yo. Moore says its a Democratic plot to keep him from being elected and he refuses to drop out of the race. It'll be interesting to watch this all unfold. I suspect he will remain in the race and be elected by the good people of Alabama. I'm voting for Doug Jones. 

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I talk about the Mueller indictment. Someone is going to jail. I speculate on who. Just a little podcast to let you know what I've been doing. 

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A short podcast with me talking about photography, sex and Crooked Donald J. Trump. 

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I've been watching lots of cable news lately with events in Florida. I talk about that and other things.

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I talk about why I decided to return to podcasting and tell you what has transpired since my last podcast many months ago.

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