I talk about those things that have been troubling me lately. 

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I talk about some bad news I recieved this morning and how it could lead to my end. I talk about guys I've been having sex with lately. 

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I talk about my facination with rocketships, maybe its because they remind me of something else. If you look at the shape of the rockets that took the Apollo astronauts into space, I think you will see its simularity with the shape of the male penis. Coincidence or inspiration? Yesterday I had fun with a hot 27 y o white guy. He had a nice rocketship and it blasted off all over me.

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I talk about a kinky sexual encounter I had last night. I talk about giving in to my sexual desires. How everything but sex seems an annoying distraction and how I think about men and gay sex 99 percent of the time.

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I start off talking about my morning routine, i.e., getting up, taking a shower, blah, blah, blah. This all leads into what I do when I get to Phenix City or Opelika and how the gay social apps, Grindr, Manhunt and Adam4Adam, make it easier to chat with guys in those areas. I talk about a guy I've been chatting with recently on Grindr in Columbus, GA., who says he wants to give me head! It hasn't happened yet and it probably never will, but I'll be certain to let you know if it ever does . . . happen. 

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