Somewhere in the mix of sounds you will hear the sound of my trumpet. I never sat 1st chair first -not even close, but I loved being in the stage band. This was to my knowledge the first competition of the Muscle Shoals High School Stage Band which was held in Savannah, Tennessee in 1976. The Stage Band was under the direction of Mr. Charles M. Stratford. There were six trumpets in the band at the time. Doug H., Tim M., Kevin S., Wes W., John L. and me. But I'm not saying my real name here. This was one of three songs performed at the competition. A friend in the band used my cassette recorder to record the performance. The quality is bad. But I think you can see that aside for some mixing board problems, i.e., the Tenor sax solo is way to loud, everything came together quite nicely. Solo Trumpet is Doug H.
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